Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Year of Hiking in Photos

I thought that a good idea for an end of year post would be my favourite photos from the last twelve months. Please feel free to comment on them at the bottom of the post.


No hiking in January, so no photos. Not a great start, I know.

Rice terraces just north of Ubud, Bali.

East of the ridge I walked along near Ubud this guy was harvesting elephant grass for thatching roofs in the midday sun

The sun rising from behind Gunung Rinjani, on Lombok. Taken from the summit of Gunung Agung on Bali.

Sunrise on from Gunung Agung

Descending Agung. The lava tracks from the 1963 eruption are the grooves you can see snaking through the low country. Some reach all the way to the sea.
Unusual rocks in Wolchulsan national park.

Wolchulsan's crags, from Cheonhwangbong.
BH on the rocks near the top of Mudeungsan

View from Jogyesan

Looking out over Boseong county from Jeamsan

The ridge that forms the spine of Deogyusan national park

In Deogyusan national park

Naejangsan national park
Summit stone on Baegunsan

Blooms in Gayasan national park

False summit on Gayasan

Seonunsan provincial park
Hiking during the monsoon on Hallasan

The top pool of the imaginatively titled "waterfall number 1" in Juwangsan national park.

Two-tiered waterfall number 2

Juwangsan's dramatic cliffs

The limestone gorge which runs through the valley in the park

Swollen rivers and a miserably wet day walking in Chiaksan

Gorgeous Seoraksan national park

The Gongnyong ridge in Seoraksan
Eulalia fields in Wolchulsan national park

Autumn colours in Gyeryeongsan national park
Sea of clouds in Jirisan national park

More of Jirisan

A  spectacular valey between Byeoksoryeong and Seseok on Jirisan

Autumn colours hanging on on Heukseoksan
I've only managed to go hiking once during December, and I managed to forget to bring my camera. Really disappointing because there was snow and everything. Rubbish. I suppose I'll just have to look forward to going to Nepal in January 2011.

Happy new year.